Danita + Calvin, Atlanta Wedding


Pure. Simple. Sweet.  Those are the words that I’d use to describe Danita and Calvin.  In the eleventh hour, Danita and Calvin didn’t have a photographer for their wedding due to a last minute family emergency.  Danita and Calvin weren’t even phased.  Danita tells me, “God always makes a way.”  This couple stands strong on faith.  So I am now the one to tell their sweet story.

Danita and Calvin met through their daughters.  As their daughters became friends, Danita and Calvin began to see sparks.  Those sparks combined with smiles turned into something more.  They quickly knew that they were meant to be together.  Can we say that the girls were good matchmakers? J  Danita and Calvin were married at the Church of Christ on Bouldercrest.  They shared their day with their closest family members and friends.  It was a no fuss day filled with lots of smiles and laughter.  Truly simple and sweet.  Here’s a sneak-a-peek at Danita and Calvin’s wedding. 




And my favorite …


4 Responses to “Danita + Calvin, Atlanta Wedding”
  1. Kevin W Smith says:

    >Nice shots. Love the shot of the shoes & purse.
    Keep shooting life as it happens!!!

  2. Dove Family says:

    >We absolutely LOVE these pics, can't wait to see the rest!! You are TRULY talented!!!!

    Thank You & GOD Bless, Dove/McGee Family!

  3. Cousin Tori says:

    >THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES SPEAK A THOUSAND WORDS!! Very Classy! You represented the Jordan Family WEll DANITA. Love u guys!

  4. Sukina Williamson says:

    >so beautiful…

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