Sweet Mators


I love my grandma; she was the type of woman who just knew everything. My grandma use to grow all types of vegetables and fruit in her backyard. Every summer I’d come and help her pluck tomatoes and sweet peas. I remember pulling tomatoes off the vine and impatiently having to leave them to ripen in the old kitchen window sill. A few days later I’d be rewarded with a sweet, juicy tomato. I would eat them like apples. I grew up believing that only my grandma could grow tomatoes that good. My grandma past away 6 years ago. I’ve been longing for one of those sweet tomatoes for quite some time.

I had tomatoes on my mind today when I was shooting at Marietta Square. I saw the farmer’s market and instinctively went on a tomato hunt. The first booth that I saw had tomatoes. While I was trying to decide if any would live up to my high tomato expectations, the vendor came over and said, “Those there are Bama mators – the sweetest there is.” He then dug in the crate and handed me a little round one from the bottom and prompted me to “take a bite.” Me being the germ-a-phob that I am, wiped it good several times on my shirt (like my dirty shirt would clean it), and bit into a deliciously sweet Bama mator. It instantly took my back to being six and eating one of my grandma’s window sill tomatoes.

Of course I took some of those Bama mators home. I know that I’ll be thinking about my grandma each time I cut into one of those tomatoes. Love you grandma.


3 Responses to “Sweet Mators”
  1. Shannon Hintz says:

    >If this is who I am thinking it is, I miss her too. I don't remember her much but I hope that somewhere I do remember all the good times.

  2. Sonya Yim says:

    >It's great seeing you here Shannon! I will have to share more of her stories and photos with you. She's a very special woman. BTW, I have really enjoyed seeing all of your photography.

  3. Shannon Hintz says:

    >That would be wonderful to hear more about her and thank you for enjoying my photography. I hope to be a photographer in the future!

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