Cotton Candy & Caramel Apples, The North Georgia Fair


I love the fair.  I must admit, I can do without the rides and prizes.  What I really go for is the fair food.  I am such a sugar junkie.  Within an hour I had helped Antonio finish his cotton candy and had started on a caramel apple.  If I hadn’t had my hands full with my camera and tripod, I am sure that I would have went for the ribbon fries and my usual funnel cake too.  Instead I got to enviously gawk at Antonio downing his home style potato chips.  I decided to go to the fair at night this year.   I wanted to play with the lights from the rides and work on some night photography.  This is my night at the North Georgia State fair. 
Ok, maybe not my best photo, but any man willing to be shot from a cannon is a photo that I must have!
Oh the lights!
The reason that I so love the fair.  I will be coming for you, funnel cakes!

Fishing dreams.

 And like always, Ki being Ki.

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