Photography Bug


Cover your noses whenever you come around this family; we seem to be passing a photography bug around.  It started years ago with my father in-law when he bought his first DSLR.  It took a few weeks and some quality time with the camera manual before we started to see this DSLR attached to him as an extra appendage.  He started taking pictures of everything.  Impromptu KFC dinners began to be documented bite by bite.  You couldn’t sneak past that camera.  Soon we had a digital image to accompany every family gathering.  Even Home Depot visits were documented. 
The photography bug  is still in him today.  2 DSLR’s later, I eventually caught the bug.  Well actually I bought the bug.  Arthur wanted to upgrade to a full frame sensor camera and needed to sell his crop sensor camera, so I bought it.  Unbeknownst to me, the bug came attached to the merchandise.  Like him, I spend a lot time with the camera manual and started taking pictures of everything.  Now at every family gathering there were two shutterbugs documenting every meal, every cookout,  and every sleepy Sunday afternoon.  I quickly became a bonafied shutterbug.   I was reading everything photography related and had started taking classes. 
Recently I’ve been catching Antonio playing with my camera.  It might have been all of those hours he has spent hearing Arthur and I talk about aperture and shutter speed.  Or it could have been him just wanting to see why we were both so fascinated with expensive black boxes covered with tons of little black buttons and dials. 
We were about to go to bed one night when Antonio asked if he could take a picture of me.  I just looked at him and slowly nodded.  He then excitedly explained that he wanted me to pop out of his sunroof  and he wanted the sun behind me and my hair down.  I couldn’t believe that he  had been composing a shot in his head and wanted to execute it.  The next day, 37 shots later (and a slightly grumpy me) he got his shot.  I guess you can say that he too now has caught the photography bug and his didn’t even come with a camera. 


2 Responses to “Photography Bug”
  1. Shannon Hintz says:

    >Love it! I think I've caught "the bug" too. I have taken SO many photos with carefully planned out thoughts and ideas and I hope to get a camera soon that will have more features on it!

  2. Sonya Yim says:

    >It’s contagious! I swear that it’s the photographer that makes the photos, not the camera. I know some fabulous photographers with entry level cameras. Keep practicing and read everything that you can. I just know that you’ll be magnificent.

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