Stepping Out On Faith


Sometimes you just have to step out on faith.  Kind of like how Forrest Gump went out and just made it happen.  The more he just let life happen, the more life happened for him.  On a whim, I applied for a photography  internship  with Leah and Mark (click here to see their awesome work)  and actually got it.  I started with them and eight other interns last Thursday night.  I know that I’ll be in for a wild and crazy  ride!  As part of the internship, I will be keeping a blog with them.  You can check out my progress as a Leah and Mark intern here.   Here goes to stepping out on faith!
Some pictures at our first model shoot at Renew
We had some GREAT models!  They were willing to do anything! 
Playing with off camera lighting …
Notice the black band on the left side?  I now know to lower my shutter speed to make it go away.  I can’t wait to learn more about off camera lighting. 

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