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Ok, this post is more for the camera people.  Several people have asked me about event shooting.  Since interning with LeahandMark, I’ve been shooting several events.  It’s definitely been interesting figuring out all of the dynamics that go into event shooting.  A few weeks ago I shot at a fundraising event for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra hosted by the ASO Bravo Group. 
The first part of the night was spent catching details.  For the camera people out there – these shots were captured using off camera flash, single light stand at about 8 feet. 

The rest of the night was spent getting candid shots – shots that help tell the story of the night.  Camera and lighting details: captured using available light, ISO’s ranged from 640 to 1250.    The ambient light was different at each game set up and my camera was being a little temperamental that night. 
We also had a photo booth.  So much to discuss with photo booths! I’ll give them their own post in the future.  You can see more pictures from this event here.
Other events require lighting all the time.  Last week I shot fight night at UCMA, a mixed martial arts gym in Cummings, GA.  Like most gyms, it had fluorescent lights and wasn’t bright enough for photography.  We brought in a cross lighting set up, one on a stand, and one on the ground, both flashes set to one-eighth power.
Gin (the owner), wanted a group shot.  We wanted to give him something different – a photo that would capture what his gym was all about.  For this we used one light behind the flag, and two aimed at the group (one on each side).  All were at one-fourth power.  This picture was taken with all of the lights off in the gym. 
When I first started this camera journey, I was only comfortable with natural light.  However the more I learn about off camera lighting, the more I like it.  Yes, I still prefer using natural light – when it’s available AND if it contributes to the mood of the photo shoot.  Natural light is not always available, nor is it always the best light to shoot every event in.  Using natural light to shoot the above event would not have given the amount of drama needed for the project.  You can see more photos from UCMA here. 

Happy shooting!


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