Popping the Question, Atlanta Botanical Gardens Proposal


As part of my internship with Leah and Mark, I was invited to shoot a surprise proposal at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  A total of 8 photographers were there to help ensure that we caught that special moment.  The rules of engagement? (yes, pun intended).  We had to go undetected by the couple because the proposal was a surprise.  We had to secretly stalk, um no, I mean shoot this special moment unnoticed.   Luckily the Botanical Gardens was full of photographers that night; we were able to blend in amongst the sea of shooters.  If you get a chance, check out what other interns at Leah and Mark shot.  I am surrounded by such talented photographers!

The couple spent about 30 minutes walking through the gardens first.  That meant we got our exercise. My attempt at sneaking a few shots in from afar.

I was hiding in the bushes when I took this one.

 The proposal site.

 Raven was sent with a video message from the boyfriend.  It was so sweet to watch!

 It was a “yes” all the way!


2 Responses to “Popping the Question, Atlanta Botanical Gardens Proposal”
  1. Shannon Hintz says:

    >This is beautiful! I hope to do photography like this soon.

  2. Sonya Yim says:

    >Thanks Shannon!

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