Becoming Uncomfortable, Atlanta Model Shoot


I actually have a pair of favorite socks, a favorite coffee mug, and even a favorite lens (my trusty 17-55).  I surround my life with things that make me feel comfortable.  I used to think that when I am the most comfortable, that I produce my best work.  Since interning with Leah and Mark, I’ve learn that this isn’t always true.  Their studio shoots all types of photography.  Suddenly being comfortable in my photography wasn’t an option. 
Ironically enough, I am learning that when I am forced outside of my comfort zone, I grow much quicker as a photographer.
At first I was valuing my final images more than the process of how they were created.  I’ve quickly learned that the process of photo shoots are actually what is shaping me as a photographer.  Don’t get me wrong  – I am a perfectionist and want images to be as perfect as they can be – but somehow I grow more when plans go astray.  
During a model shoot a few weeks ago, I got to experience this first hand.  It was 30 degrees and pitch black – cold and dark – soooo outside of my comfort zone.    Due to unforeseen circumstances, the shoot started an hour and a half late, thus we missed sunset and were forced to make the shoot work in total darkness.  That was a challenge for me.  We were still expected to get the photographs regardless of the situation.  The plan went by the wayside along with all available light.  Though a very challenging shoot, It all came out well in the end. 
Become uncomfortable.  Look for the challenges.  The benefits are in the process, not the final results.  Ultimately these things make me better as a photographer.  In all aspects of life, I am learning to value the process more than the end result.   
You can see additional photos and read more about this shoot here. 


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  1. Layla J says:

    >great shoot nd lighting

  2. Sonya Yim says:

    >Thanks for stopping through Layla! I am a fan of your work.

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