Winter Wonderland, Atlanta Model Shoot


Ok, so I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  Life has gotten a little busy.  Who knew that being back in school and doing an internship would add so much to my plate!  It’s all 100 percent worth it though.  I’ve somehow managed to start the year off with only completing one blog post.  Well, I am going to try hard to start blogging at least once a week.  My goal is to have a new post up every Monday for February…but for this week, I’m going to make it happen on a Tuesday.  ;0) 
In January, Atlanta was hit hard by the big southeast snow storm.  The city was shut down for nearly a week.  Of course this meant that our planned model shoot would now take place in four inches of snow and random patches of ice.  Being that I almost never get to shoot in the snow, I fell in love with the white backdrop.  Here are a few pictures from the shoot. 

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