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It was the day after Valentine’s Day, love was still in the air. Cekenia was shopping and getting ready to check out when her sister spotted Yusef. Cekenia turned around, tilted her head and gave an award winning smile. In return, she was rewarded with one of Yusef’s smiles. That gave Yusef the permission he needed for conversation. He asked for her number. Cekenia politely told him no, and asked for his number instead.
It all worked out when she called him the next day. They were soul mates. Within six months of being together, they knew that they wanted to get married. Unbeknownst to Cekenia, Yusef decided that he should propose where they met. On a store run together, Yusef went off to shop alone for a few minutes. Cekenia went to get back into the car and saw the ring box on her seat.

Cekenia and Yusef are truly a special couple. Cekenia envisioned a simple yet elegant feel with blue and white and splashes of silver.  Valencia from the The Banquet Hall ensured that Cekenia had her wedding realized. Cekenia and Yusef included their children in every part of the ceremony. She was given away by her son and daughter and gave rings to their children to show their commitment as a family. Cekenia and Yusef, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.

Much love,

Cekenia had a fabulous make-up artist.  Thinking about hiring one for your wedding?  So do it.  They are so good at making us look flawless for photos.

All of the pretty little details –

Cekina and Yusef had an one of a kind ceremony that involved the kids.  Cekina’s son walked her down the aisle (how sweet is that?) and the proud parents gave each of their children a ring to show their commitment to the family.

Like most of the couples that I shoot, Cekenia and Yusef were full of smiles.  The light mood definitely keeps it fun!
The night ended in an all out party complete with the bubbly and a night of celebrating.

It was time for the first dance but Cekenia and Yusef were covered in cake!  Once they were cakeless, the first dance begun.

Like any good party, the soul train line was in order!

Yep, that’s Yusef’s mom and pop making it through the soul train line.
You can see more photos by clicking on the slideshow below. 

Cekenia & Yusef from Sonya Yim on Vimeo.

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