Atlanta Engagement Session · Lauren + Jason


It’s the classic boy meets girl love story.   The story truly begins seven years ago in high school.  Jason saw Lauren at the end of Sophomore year.  He had this gut feeling that he had to get to know Lauren but the school year was ending. 
So what did he do?  He waited. 
Jason kept Lauren on his mind that entire summer.  He knew that he wanted to make a move.  Jason’s opportunity  came that first day of Junior year.  He told me that he wanted to ask Lauren out before anyone else did.  How cute is that?  Of course she said yes and they have been inseparable ever since. 
Two years later Jason knew that his high school sweetheart was his soul mate.  So on Christmas Eve, Jason proposed. 
Lauren’s and Jason’s Engagement session was at High Falls State Park.  They had spent many days hiking and biking the park’s trails and wanted to capture the park’s beauty in their engagement shoot. 
 What a fun shoot!  Jason and Lauren were full of smiles and laughter the entire engagement session!   Here is a preview from the shoot.  Click here to see more engagement photos in a slideshow.
Lauren and Jason – I can’t wait to shoot the wedding!

Much love,


Jason kept Lauren laughing throughout the shoot. 

Before the sunset, we decided to spend some time on the trails and capture the waterfalls that Lauren and Jason loved at High Falls State Park.  The pictures next to the waterfalls were my favorites of the day.   

Throughout the shoot, Jason and Lauren were having a hat war.  Jason wanted to represent the Braves, but Lauren wasn’t having it for the shoot!

By the end of the shoot, the hat was forgotten and everyone was smitten by the beauty of the falls.

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