The Whole Picture, Atlanta Model Shoot


I love to shoot people close up.  I like it when their eyes lock with the camera.   Silly as it sounds, I feel like you get to connect with that person in the photo when they look directly into the camera.
However, when locations are unique, it deserves to be photographed too.  So my challenge?  Focus on getting the whole picture.  Get the background, let it tell the story, and shoot from as many different angles as I can contort my body into (yes, the growing pains are literal this time).  Last week I worked with Hannah.  We shot at an old abandoned horse barn at Stout Park.  It’s rustic charm was perfect for the shoot.  We had a great time finding spots high and low, inside and out.  Hannah didn’t even skip a beat when I asked her if she’d be willing to climb up into the dusty hayloft to pose for shots.  The goal was to shoot wide and showcase the location. 



Ok, so I did manage to sneak a few close up shots at the end. 
Thank you Hannah for being so fabulous!

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