I remember when I was twelve.  I thought that I knew everything.  My Thursday nights were devoted to the Cosby Show and episodes of 90210.  Other random memories?  I remember laughing when the news reported that the leaning tower of Pisa was “closed” because it had leaned too far.  I remember thinking that Madonna was one of the Coolest. People. Ever.  I remember going to the movie theater and wanting to see the movie “Ghost” but it was PG-13 and I wasn’t 13 yet.  I was too scared that the movie clerk would ask my age, so my friend and I saw the original  Home Alone instead.  I saw my first concert when I was twelve.  It was hammer time with MC Hammer and opened by Vanilla Ice.

Now when I look back on it, my twelve year-old world is so different from my daughter’s world.  Who knew that cameras would become digital or that we would have the internet? 
Kiara is turning 12 this weekend.  I am sure that she’ll also look back one day and be surprised at how fast the world changes and how great being 12 really is.  Happy Birthday Kiara. 

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