Davenport House Garden Wedding in Savannah, GA Sneak-a-Peek

Ok, it has been a fabulously busy summer.  This is from a wedding that I second shot in May (more to come on the story along with more photos, promise!).  This is a peek at the whimsical Savannah, GA wedding held in the gardens at the Davenport House Museum.  As you probably know by now, I am falling in love with shooting in Savannah.  This bride and groom got ready at the Kehoe house – another historic Savannah landmark (and supposedly haunted I might add).  And no, this chicken little didn’t explore the haunted bed and breakfast.  I simply loved the Kehoe house hotel.  The rooms were a gorgeous backdrop to some of the getting ready photos.

Columbia square was the perfect place for a first look.  The Kehoe house was across the street from the Davenport House Museum and they both bordered this Savannah square.

Full post to come next week ….

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