Savannah GA Wedding Photographers, Davenport House Museum · Dana + Tyler

One thing that I love about wedding photography is the uniqueness of each event.  Different venues, different people, different décor, different food.  Each wedding is so different
from the previous one, yet each wedding is ultimately the same – it’s simply about witnessing love.

As a wedding photographer, I get to capture the uniqueness of the bride and groom and get to tell the story of their wedding day through pictures.  How cool is that?

In May Elle Golden Photography graciously asked if I would shoot with her for a Savannah wedding at the Davenport Museum. How can a haunted hotel + a museum garden +
fellow photographer Lei Lani Golden = so much wedding photography delight?

It was the whimsical garden wedding that Dana and Tyler created in the museum garden  that made this Savannah destination wedding so special.


It all began at the historic Keyhoe House on the 2nd floor – yep the haunted floor.  Luckily, Dana and Tyler were not staying in the supposedly haunted rooms!  Their hotel room ended up being a fabulous backdrop for getting ready shots.  Dana’s dress was simply gorgeous!

Dana getting ready to meet Tyler for their “first look” in Columbia Square.


Dana running to meet her man.

Columbia Square first look –

The Davenport House Museum.

While waiting for the wedding to begin, Dana had a mini admirer on the street.  This little girl was obsessed with brides and instintaly fell in love with Dana.  Dana quickly handed the little girl her bouquet so that she could feel like a bride!  How sweet is that?




The details ….





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