Riverstreet Engagement Session · Nana + Torrance

It was the classic love story.  They were high school sweethearts.  With life happening, their relationship came to an end.  Throughout the years, they often thought of each other.  20 years went by before they saw each other again. Nana was the co-chair for her high school’s 20th class reunion.  The ad announcing the reunion was posted in a local newspaper above an announcement for the high school’s annual alumni cookout.  Torrance saw the ad in the local paper thinking that Nana was actually the co-chair of the cookout and made plans to  attend the event to see  Nana.  Luckily Nana was there and they met again.  Torrance had already made note of  Nana using her maiden name in the newspaper announcement.   He  knew that this would be his chance to make her his wife.  They started dating again shortly thereafter.

They will be wed this summer on Tybee Island and will hold their reception at the Savannah Conference Center.

We began their engagement session on the beach on Tybee Island.







Our next stop was the hub of Savannah – River Street.  We spent our time slumming the alleys looking for fabulous places with fabulous light.








It was hard to keep these two serious!  This session was filled with tons of smiles and laughter.  I love these type of sessions!  Nana was a gorgeous smile.



River Street had a special boat festival.  We decided to catch a picture of these two under the Coast Guard ship.







Can’t wait until your July wedding!



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