Defoor Centre Wedding, Atlanta Wedding Photographer · Keesha + Chuck

After college ended, Keesha landed a job and became good friends with her supervisor.  They spent a lot of time together.  Soon she met her supervisor’s husband and she began to hear stories about his best friend Chuck.  Throughout the years Keesha kept hearing Chuck stories and begin to wonder if he really existed.  Keesha was invited to attend  an annual trip with her boss and friends.  During this trip, Keesha finally met the infamous Chuck.  It turned out to be a great match.  So good of a match that Chuck ultimately picked up and moved from Tennessee to Georgia to be with Keesha.

In the beginning of August Keesha and Chuck became one at the World of Faith Cathedral.  They held their beautiful reception at the Defoor’s Art Centre.  Keesha and Chuck, thank you for letting me capture your day.

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