Anytime Sessions

Atlanta Engagement Session · Lauren + Jason

  It’s the classic boy meets girl love story.   The story truly begins seven years ago in high school.  Jason saw Lauren at the end of Sophomore year.  He had this gut feeling that he had to get to know Lauren but the school year was ending.  So what did he do?  He waited.  Jason […]

Seeing Double, Atlanta Maternity Shoot

  What’s more fun than doing a maternity shoot?  How about doing a double maternity shoot!  This weekend I had the pleasure to shoot sisters Angela and Alanna.  They are both expecting babies within weeks of each other.  How cool is that?  I was very excited to learn that they were interested in doing an outdoor […]

Fall Family Fun

  I had the pleasure of shooting a family session for a friend this week.  Monica (K teacher and fab photographer), Jennifer (K teacher and author), and I have worked together teaching for the past six years.  For the past two years, we have been working on the same team.  Jennifer wanted some family pictures […]