I remember when I was twelve.  I thought that I knew everything.  My Thursday nights were devoted to the Cosby Show and episodes of 90210.  Other random memories?  I remember laughing when the news reported that the leaning tower of Pisa was “closed” because it had leaned too far.  I remember thinking that Madonna was […]

Reflections, Atlanta Model Shoot

  I’ve learned a lot over the past three months as an intern with  I went into the intern experience thinking that it was all about the technical aspect of photography.  I was wrong.  It was so much more than taking the perfect picture. Don’t get me wrong – the technical stuff is important.  I was exposed to  the […]

Goodbye 2010!

  Wow, what a year!  I have been blessed with so many opportunities.  I wanted to close the year out showcasing some of my favorite photography memories of 2010.    Amit’s Proposal  Amit made this touching video for Alpa and then asked her to marry him at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Caveat – Don’t let […]