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Reflections, Atlanta Model Shoot

  I’ve learned a lot over the past three months as an intern with  I went into the intern experience thinking that it was all about the technical aspect of photography.  I was wrong.  It was so much more than taking the perfect picture. Don’t get me wrong – the technical stuff is important.  I was exposed to  the […]

The perfect shot

  We are always in pursuit of that perfect shot.  The more that I shoot, the more I realize that it requires becoming comfortable standing on items, laying on the ground, and often getting dirty.  Here is a shout out to my father in-law and shooting partner.  Thanks for all of those early mornings that  you have spent […]

Guilty Ambitions, 50, 1.4 lens

  Ok, I’ve been experimenting with lens.  The love of my life has been my Nikon 17-55.  He is old faithful, tried and true.  He is loved so much that you can usually find him fixed to my camera body.  However I must admit that I keep flirting with a Sigma 50mm 1.4.  He is […]