Giving Back

Becoming Photography Philanthropists

Life is just sweeter when you can make it better for someone else.  And being able to use photography to do so – does it get any better than that?  In order to stay true to our beliefs of living a purposeful life, we will support different organizations through photography.

Op Love

Our first organization really hits home for me.  Not so long ago, I was a military wife with a husband deployed to Iraq for 14 months.  Like most military communities, those around me became my surrogate family.  From watching Kiara to cutting my grass – you name it – the community was there.   It is my hope that I could give back to a community that has given me so much.

Click here to find out more about OPLove. And if you are a photographer, consider joining.   We should all find ways to give to others in life. What does an OpLove session look like?


Kiva is a non profit organization that focuses on lending money to those in poverty to start their own businesses.  I love Kiva because they actually use every dollar that  you commit to the people that they serve.  Also Kiva is not a handout.  The borrowers are required to payback their loan.  It’s really cool watching how you are giving people the opportunity to become self sufficient.  You can monitor our Kiva process here at .

Contact us here to find out more about Op Love or Kiva.